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Welcome to Bates Heating and Air - Your First Choice for AC and Furnace Solutions in Weatherford, TX

Weatherford, Texas, demands a reliable HVAC service provider for year-round indoor comfort. Bates Heating and Air is your trusted ally in this regard. Specializing in air conditioning and furnace repair, as well as installation services, we ensure your home is a haven of ideal temperatures throughout the year. Join us in embracing a perfectly balanced indoor climate!

Expert Air Conditioning Repair and Installation | Bates Heating and Air’s Cooling Masters

Conquer the Texas Heat with Bates Heating and Air’s AC Expertise

In the intense heat of Weatherford summers, maintaining a cool and comfortable home is essential. Our team at Bates Heating and Air is dedicated to ensuring your air conditioning system operates flawlessly. Whether you need urgent repairs or a new system installation, we are your go-to experts for a refreshingly cool summer. Reach out today to defeat the heat!

Ductless Mini Split AC Systems by Bates Heating and Air

Advanced Cooling Solutions with Ductless Mini Split AC

For a cutting-edge and efficient cooling option in Weatherford, consider Bates Heating and Air's ductless mini split AC services. Ideal for homes without existing ductwork, these systems offer an efficient way to cool your spaces. Our team is ready to enhance your home's cooling capabilities with these innovative systems.

Furnace Repair and Installation | Ensuring Warmth with Bates Heating and Air

Embrace the Cold Season with Bates Heating and Air’s Furnace Services

Weatherford's colder months shouldn't mean discomfort at home. With Bates Heating and Air's furnace repair and installation services, your residence becomes a warm sanctuary. Our expertise ensures you stay snug and warm, making winters something to look forward to.

Heater Maintenance and Replacement by Bates Heating and Air

Overcome Heating Challenges with Bates Heating and Air

Don’t let unexpected heating issues disrupt your comfort in Weatherford. Bates Heating and Air is ready to turn these challenges into non-issues with our proactive heater maintenance and replacement services. Prepare for a comfortable, worry-free winter with our expert team.

Eco-Friendly Geothermal Heating by Bates Heating and Air

Join the Green Revolution with Bates Heating and Air’s Geothermal Heating

Weatherford homeowners looking for an environmentally-friendly heating solution can turn to Bates Heating and Air’s geothermal heating services. By tapping into the Earth's natural heat, we offer a sustainable and efficient heating alternative. Experience the eco-friendly difference in home heating with us.

Why Bates Heating and Air is Your Top Choice in Weatherford

  • Experience: Years of serving the Weatherford community have honed our skills in addressing local HVAC needs effectively.
  • Expertise: Our technicians aren’t just qualified; they’re craftsmen in their field, committed to providing exceptional service.
  • Reliability: Timely and reliable solutions are our promise to you, with your comfort always at the forefront.
  • Customer Focus: At Bates Heating and Air, we treat our clients like family, ensuring your satisfaction is our achievement.
  • Value: We combine top-quality service with competitive pricing, delivering value to every Weatherford home.

Choose Bates Heating and Air for unmatched HVAC service in Weatherford, Texas.


At Bates Heating and Air, we are more than a service provider; we are your partner in maintaining year-round home comfort. From AC and furnace repair to cutting-edge geothermal solutions, we are equipped and eager to serve Weatherford, Texas, with distinction.

Your comfort is not just our job; it's our pledge. Contact Bates Heating and Air today and step into a world of HVAC service that surpasses expectations.

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